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Modern remakes of 8bit 16bit console hits NES (Dendy) and SEGA (Part 3)

Good day, friends!

You and I live in the era of remakes. Musicians re-release classical songs, film studios re-shoot classics, and often in such a way that one wants to sob not at all from nostalgic feelings. Well, igrodely re-release their hits. Here you can find Mafia: Definitive Edition, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, and many other re-releases. And of course, this mod could not get around games from old consoles.

Our channel has already released two videos on re-releases of hits from 8- and 16-bit consoles.

The commercials included Streets of Rage 4, the controversial reissue of Battletoads, Motor Rock, a cool remake of Duck Tales, and more.

If for some reason you still have not watched the first two videos, then I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with them, there will be no repetitions.

All games from this article are available for PC and links to them will be in the description.

You suggested many of them in the comments, for which many thanks. Be sure to write if you know any more sequels or re-editions of the classics that are not included in the videos.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap


PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, Android

We will begin our list with a re-release of the old-school platformer Wonder Boy - the dragon's trap.

The original game was released on arcade machines and consoles at the time. The Lizardcube company sawed through the third part of the series, which at one time came out in particular on the Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drive.

A key feature of the series is the interesting mechanics. Our protagonist was bewitched by an evil dragon and turned into his own kind. As you progress, our character will change his appearance after defeating the next boss, and along with the change in appearance, unique opportunities appear that change the gameplay. For example, in the form of a mouse, the hero can climb walls, in the form of a bird, fly to previously inaccessible places, and the image of a fish will help to swim comfortably.

The remake developer has chosen a great visual style using vibrant 2D sprites. There is also a small role-playing element. There are shops scattered around the locations where you can improve weapons and armor for each of the forms for coins that are generously dropped from defeated enemies.

Some equipment has unique characteristics, such as lava immunity. So the equipment will have to be customized for each type. This makes the game even more varied and interesting.

Don't be fooled by the bright and fun atmosphere of the game, this is not a simple platformer, but a real old-school challenging game. Here you will have to memorize the location of enemies, act quickly and clearly. And no one will restore health during a respite. And there are no saves and checkpoints at the level either, as in the good old days, when, sitting in front of a pot-bellied TV, we tensely squeezed the joystick in our hands, trying to finally pass the next level.

For fans of old school, you can always switch the game to the 1989 model, with the press of a button right during the game, to enjoy the pixel art and 16-bit music. Olds will check it out!

The game is addictive from the first minutes, I highly recommend it!

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap was released for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as iOS and Android.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap (2017)

Heavy Metal Machines



In the last video, we talked about the successor of Rock n 'Roll Racing with Sega - Motor Rock.

In the comments under the first video on the topic, a user under the nickname Tsukikolover suggested another similar game - Heavy Metal Machines.

Heavy Metal Machines really resembles Rock n 'Roll Racing in its setting, although it is something different. This is a fast-paced multiplayer game with mob elements. There are two teams, the goal of each of which is to deliver a bomb to the enemy's gate. Naturally, in this case, you can smash your opponents to pieces with various weapons. Each team has 4 players.

There are characters and vehicles of different classes, there are three classes of vehicles - these are bomb delivery carriers, interceptors with enhanced weapons and support vehicles.

As for the tracks, they are also here with their own characteristics. The track is mirrored for both teams. If you are transporting a bomb, the force walls will prevent you from taking a shortcut, but all slices are always open for other vehicles. On the track there are dangerous areas covered with lava, into which you can push the enemy.

How does it feel?

The graphics in Heavy Metal Machines deliver. Rendered really well. The car controls are similar to Rock n 'Roll Racing. Considering that the game is also tailored for a PC, it is convenient to play with a keyboard and mouse. Personally, I liked the game with the dynamics of the matches. It's fun, although I’m unlikely to sit in it for days on the fly.

Heavy Metal Machines это free to play игра, так что попробовать вы можете бесплатно через Steam.

Heavy Metal Machines (2018)



PC, Switch, PS 4, Xbox One, Mac

And next we have a remake of the platformer Toki.

The original game was released on arcade machines in 1989. Our player knows the later ports on the NES and Sega. Despite the popularity of the console versions, the developer of the remake decided to take the arcade version as a basis as a reference.

The plot is classic for the arcades of that time. The evil wizard kidnapped the girl, and now we need to save her from the villain. And a surprise surprise, before leaving the villain turned our character into a monkey.

To rescue our beloved, we will have to wade through aggressive mobs and fight mini bosses.

As in the original game, we have in our arsenal jumping on enemies like in Mario Bros, and shooting projectiles from the mouth. Projectiles can be pumped by picking up improvements in the manner of the good old Contra.

Toki can bring a lot of pleasant emotions, not least thanks to the art.

Like Wonder Boy, Toki's graphics are excellent. All locations and characters are hand-drawn and awe-inspiring. The visual game is quite diverse, thanks to the detailed traced locations, there are jungles and ruins, and winter locations. Regarding the variety of gameplay, you shouldn't expect anything beyond the classic arcades: shooting at enemies, platforming and bosses at the end of each level.

It is played nice and fun. Let it drag on for a long time is unlikely to be able to, but pass the evening or two completely. I can safely recommend it, especially during the period of incentive discounts.

Toki (2019)



PC, Mac, PS 3, Xbox 360

And I couldn't just pass by the next game.

There is such a wonderful channel Edward Wolf, the guy makes cool videos on games and nostalgic videos from which you can cry. So, in one of the videos dedicated to the dandy, he talked about a childhood story associated with the game Karateka.

The original Karateka was released on Atari and the NES in 1984.

The game was an adventure fighting game. A distinctive feature was the detailed animation of the movements and the difficulty of the combat. The player only has one life and a certain amount of health. When the hero is hit, the health level is reduced. For us children of that time, it was rather boring and incomprehensible fun. However, Karateka was quite famous and popular.

In 2012, publisher Dotemu released a 3D remake of Karateka.

The reprint retains the spirit of the original. Battles are a series of strikes and blocks from enemy strikes. Our character alternately goes through a chain of opponents, if the health scale ends, the next character comes out in the new version.

In terms of gameplay, this is not like a fighting game, more like a continuous qte. It is possible to strike and put a block only in the moments allotted for this. The fights are boring and monotonous, at least at the beginning, but I didn't have any desire to go far this game. However, I do not exclude that fans of the original Karateka may get a remake.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows


PC, PS3, Xbox 360

And again turtles, in the last video we looked at several modern games of this wonderful series, and in the comments you prompted me about another one - Out Of The Shadows.

Well, let's take a look at her.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is a third-person action game developed by Red Fly Studios and published by Activusion in 2013.

As with many other relatively modern games in the series, no miracle happened here. It would seem that favorite characters of childhood, modern grafony - play and enjoy, drown in nostalgic euphoria, but no! Here, too, is never a rosy picture.

The plot is painfully banal - April was kidnapped, April needs to be saved.

Regarding graphics, the situation is not straightforward. She's not bad, not bad at all. Especially when you look at neon signs at night in the pouring rain.

Atmospheric But the developer did not even think to use this atmosphere. It would be possible to make a noir action movie a la Batman: Arkham Knight, and I'm sure it would be much cooler.

Instead, the game is served up with dubious jokes and more like Icepool in mood. Only it somehow does not work out for her. An unpleasant surprise was the savings on cutscenes, here they are replaced by comic pages, and now you tell me, dear viewer, but what is wrong with the comics, the series is, consider a reference to the origins. And yes, but here it looks as flawed as possible in the context of everything.

Now a little about the gameplay.

Most of the time, the game will drive us around the corridor locations, which will get bored pretty quickly.

The combat system here is based on combo strikes, and with all the variations it looks and feels extremely monotonous, but the point is this: no matter how we try to issue a series of strikes, the output turns out to be some kind of nonsense. The character does not at all what we expect from him. In other words, the game has control problems. Because of this, the difference between the characters is not felt, besides the slightly different animation of the blows, everything else is dull and monotonous.

The camera does not add comfort either, which here extremely loves to give such angles that you cannot tell where yours is, where is a stranger, and where is your character in general. Especially when several enemies and allies are huddled together. During the battle, you can switch between turtles. But as I said, your gaming experience is unlikely to diversify.

The only joy here is the music, I have no complaints about it.

At the time of its release, the developer stated that the coolest emotions in this game will be presented to you by multiplayer. And you know what? As it did not work then, it does not work now. We screwed the elements of the role-playing, you can pump the character by distributing experience, only there is not much sense from this.

So we have, as a result, an unfinished, faceless, boring game. Judging by the comments, many will object to me that I expressed a purely personal opinion, I did not have a desire to go through Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows completely from the word at all. And I pin more and more hopes on Shredder's Revenge, which should come out one day.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows (2013)

Shadowrun Returns


PC, Mac

Do any of you remember the 1994 Shadowrun isometric RPG on Sega Mega Drive?

Shadowrun was originally a board game created by Jordan Weissman, with its own universe that gained popularity and subsequently acquired video games.

The first video game came out in 93 on the Super Nintendo, and in 94 the second part came out on Sega, where the isometric view was changed to top down, but overall the games were similar. Unlike the desktop version, the battles here took place in real time.

In 2012, Jordan Weissman, creator of the Shadowrun universe, announced the creation of a computer game development company with the goal of making that very old-school isometric Shadowrun.

thanks to fundraising for kickstarter, his company raised almost $ 2 million out of $ 400,000 announced and in 2013 saw the light of the Shadowrun Returns.

Here we are not given a specific character, but offered to create it ourselves. You have to choose gender, race, class and appearance. There are five races here: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc and Troll. Each race has different characteristics and a maximum skill threshold.

The classes that Shadowrun call archetypes here are six: Street Samurai, Mage, Dekker, Shaman, Rigger and Adept. Each of the classes has slightly different gameplay, for example, Dekker fights in virtual reality, the Shaman summons various creatures to help, and Rigger controls the drones.

The combat here takes place in a tactical mode, in some places it may resemble X-com. Retro styling is everywhere. The amount of dialogue in Shadowrun Returns can shock the untrained player. The dialogues for the word are spelled out perfectly. In addition, they vary depending on the chosen communication skills of your character.

The plot of the game is also not bad, it will delight fans of the genre. Throughout the game, you will have a variety of quests and tactical battles. If you are bored with thoughtful tactical games, I definitely recommend it.

Shadowrun Returns is a dignified noir with fantasy and cyberpunk elements.

And a whole trilogy has already been released: Shadowrun Returns, Shadowrun Dragonfall and Shadowrun - Hong Kong.

Shadowrun Returns (2013)

Shadowrun: Dragonfall (2014)

Shadowrun: Hong Kong (2015)


Bubsy: Paws on Fire!


PC, PS4, Switch

In 1993, the Super Nintendo and Sega Mega Drive consoles released a game clearly inspired by Sonic about the lynx collecting balls of thread. The game was a high-speed platformer where we need to collect balls avoiding dangers and overcoming enemies, there will also be battles with mini bosses from time to time. The original game did not become super popular, but from time to time the developers tried to revive this series.

The latest remake to date is called Bubsy: Paws on Fire!

This is an automatic runner where you have to perform certain actions in time, jump, slide, and so on. In general, do everything so as not to fit into any object.

The game features several characters, each of which has its own skills. Babzi hovers in the air after jumping and is trained to dash. Virgil makes a double jump and can also bounce off energy panels. And Wooley flies on an alien ship and fires cannons. For each of the characters, the levels are built in different ways. Despite the fact that each level is unique, the obstacles themselves are rather monotonous and can be boring.

In general, the game is quite funny and looks nice. But alas, there is nothing in it that could surprise or tighten. There are no challenging sections. The varied gameplay actually gets boring very quickly.

When it comes to Bubsy: Paws on Fire! as to a mobile game that you launch from time to time to pass the time, it will cope with this task quite well.

Bubsy: Paws on Fire! (2019)

Renegade Ops


PC, PS3, Xbox 360

One of the most famous games on Dandy is Jackal from the KONAMI studio. Jackal is a dynamic top-down shooter where we drive a military jeep and smash enemy units and bases. We had machine guns, grenades and a rocket launcher in our arsenal. I loved this game on the Chinese clone of the Chinese clone - Subor.

On Sega, in a similar genre, the games Desert Strike and Jungle Strike were no less famous, where we do the same only on a combat helicopter.

What if we combine all this and make a game in the same style but with cool graphics and modern special effects? And there will be a game Renegade Ops.

Renegade Ops is an action arcade game with a top view. As you already understood, the goal is to drive and destroy everything and everyone.

Several characters with their own vehicles are available to us. There are seven characters in total, and among them there is our good old friend - Gordon Freeman in a canon car.

The transport of the characters is special. ability and ability to pump.

Management is not particularly difficult, you can get used to it in 10-15 minutes. You can play both with a mouse and keyboard, and with a gamepad, which, by the way, is much more convenient.

The game is divided into levels with extensive locations and tasks. But the timer that activates with the beginning of the task will not allow us to thoroughly study the location. It is not tough here and there will always be enough time to complete the task. There are plot and secondary tasks for gaining experience and points. Experience points will be needed for pumping.

What about the guns? We have machine guns, they are the same for any vehicle and are enhanced by pick-up bonuses. Also, each vehicle has its own unique additional weapon. Someone has missiles, someone has a railgun cannon, and so on, and a unique ability, it can be a flamethrower or an EMP bomb, Gordon Freeman, for example, can summon ant lions from Half-Life 2.

Enemies not that they shine with a special variety, but still they do not get bored, there is infantry, and turrets and buildings with arrows, which we can famously demolish while driving through them. There are also half-bosses - heavy vehicles that will have to be picked up. Well, and bosses at the end of each level, in which you need to spread weak points.

In terms of gameplay, everything is played just like a bang! You quickly get used to the controls, as I said earlier, the dynamics are not weakened, and the game constantly throws up epic moments.

The physics of transport and the environment deserves special attention, how damn nice it is to demolish buildings and watch them fall. And at first I got stuck doing a drift. It's really addictive.

The graphics here are also excellent, half of the game I stupidly enjoy the view on the screen. Despite the fact that the game was released in 2011, the graphics look as modern as possible. Very detailed and juicy.

If you find it boring to smash the enemy army alone, there is also multiplayer. So you can dismantle the jungle with a friend.

The game really pleased with both the visual and the gameplay part. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Renegade Ops (2011)

Rayman Origins


PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, Wii

Rayman Origins is a completely insane story.

The original game was released by UbiSoft in 1995. And came out on the consoles Atari, Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation. The game was also available on PC. It was a fun and colorful platformer about a certain Reiman in a magical world.

As usual, the villainous villain threatens the world, and we need to fix it. We had to run across huge colorful locations and free the electuns. A feature of the game was a well-developed animation, an excellent soundtrack, and of course, a trashy mood, humor and lore.

The game has become very popular, and has acquired sequels on various platforms. Many of the sequels have been ported to 3D.

In 2011, Ubisoft decided to relaunch the series with Rayman Origins. And I chose a classic 2D platformer as a format. And it was a damn right decision.

Story-wise, this is the prequel to the first game. The story starts with the fact that our hero, in the company of friends, crushes the snake on a tree, which interferes with the neighbors. This is where the kneading begins. A slight addiction can be traced here in everything, in the characters, plot, art and so on, and this is only beneficial to the game.

Before us is a fun and sometimes crazy 2D platformer with a very beautiful drawing.

We have to rescue the Electuns by traveling through many different worlds. And the worlds here are rendered elegantly, few games can boast of such detail and style. More than once during the game, I had a desire to pull out a frame and put it on a screenshot. And the matter is not limited only to the elaboration of the world, each character, both playable and non-playable, is worked out in detail right down to animation. And the mobs here do not stand still, like idols, but do something, rummage in their pockets or make grimaces.

Each world has unique active objects, for example, geysers that will lift us into the air, drums on which we can jump high, and so on. All this makes the gameplay as varied as possible. Regarding complexity, it is also atypical here, in some places it will seem to you that this is a children's platformer, and in some places there will be such hardcore elements that you might want to acquaint the gamepad with the monitor more closely.

There is really enough variety in the game, and in addition to Ramon himself, there is an opportunity to play for his friends, so that even the character will not bother you. There is also the possibility of cooperative passage, though only behind one monitor, as in the good old console games. I don't know why there is no network multiplayer, it would definitely come in handy here.

The game is as atypical as possible in the best sense of the word, it is difficult to single out something special, since almost everything pleases, from the gameplay and graphics to loading screens.

I definitely recommend it to all fans of the genre, or those who are familiar with the old games of the series.

Rayman Origins (2012)

Rayman Legends


PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita, Switch

Two years later, in 2013, the sequel to Rayman Legends was released. The sequel follows the spirit of Rayman Origins throughout and perfects all the strengths of the previous game. The graphics have retained their style and become even more beautiful and detailed. The level design has become even crazier, and the gameplay is even more fun and varied.

As in Rayman Origins, each world has its own characteristics, and here they are even more diverse, levels for speed have appeared, there are water and air worlds where we will swim or fly, respectively.

An innovation was Murphy's assistant, he will fly up to various objects to move something, open it, move it, and so on. We will control Murphy manually, he himself only flies up to the object of interaction when we are near.

We can say that Rayman Legends is a pumped and expanded version of Rayman Origins. New playable characters have also been added. Everything can also be played together on one monitor. The game is chic and shine!

Rayman® Legends (2013)

Project AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake)


PC, Android

Rounding out our list today is the unofficial remake of Metroid 2.

Another Metroid 2 Remake was developed by Argentine programmer Milton Guasti in August 2016 for Windows. This is an unofficial remake of the 1991 Game Boy game Metroid II: Return of Samus.

The original first part was released on the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1986. And she created her own genre - metroidvania.

A fan-made remake, it's the same good old Metroid with smart graphics. We investigate the area, find improvements - we pass into previously inaccessible places. We fight bosses, look for secrets, save at pre-designated points, check the map.

Nintendo did not give approval for the remake, and immediately after the release, it forbade the author to post the game on the network. Therefore, Milton removed all download links on his website. Now you can get the game on torrents.

Project AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) (2016)




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