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Cool remakes of Dandy and Sega's hits (part 5) # 8bit # 16bit #Dendy #NES #Sega

Hello friends, gamers!

How many wonderful emotions the 8 and 16 bit era gave us ...

And no matter how many covered new projects come out, the desire of gamers to plunge back into the games of bygone days does not dry out. It is here that remakes of classic games find their recognition.

In this article, there will be not only official relaunches and sequels of the console classics, but also projects inspired by hits, which can be safely called unofficial remakes.

On our YouTube channel, as many as 4 videos on re-editions of the classics have already been released, be sure to check them out if you missed them.

Blaster Master Zero


PC, PS4, Xbox ONE, Series X|S, Switch

Starts our today's list with a remake of the 8-bit hit Blaster Master Zero.

The original Blaster Master was released on the NES in 1988. And she was very popular. Although the Blaster Master itself is a localized version of the Japanese original Chou Wakusei Senki Metafight.

In 2017, Inti Creates released a remake of the NES version. The reboot did not try to rethink the design and is also done in pixel art.

Unlike the 88 version, the new version provides the player with a map, which certainly simplifies the passage, since we have metroidvania in front of us, and we will have to return to the same locations more than once. Otherwise, the mechanics and gameplay have not changed much. We have a jumping tank at our disposal, and the ability to get out of it to get to hard-to-reach places.

The game also has pedestrian levels, with a top view, well, almost from above.

The graphics and sound design are excellent. The game is not easy and will meet the player with a lot of challenges.

Blaster Master Zero 2


PC, PS4, Xbox ONE, Series X|S, Switch

In 2019, a sequel to the remake of Blaster Master Zero 2 was released. This is already a full-fledged sequel with its own storyline. The graphics have become even more interesting, the gameplay has developed a bit, for example, the possibility of counterattacking when fighting bosses has appeared. The levels have become more varied and interesting. The bosses have also become more diverse. If you are pleased with the 2017 remake. That and the second part will obviously go.

Blaster Master Zero 3


PC, PS4, Xbox ONE, Series X|S, Switch

Well, this year the third part of the Blaster Master Zero 3 remake was released. In fact, this is the same excellent platformer that preserves and multiplies all the best from the past parts. For all lovers of classics, or connoisseurs of pixel graphics, I recommend. Remakes were released on PC, PS4, Xbox ONE, Series X | S, Switch.



PC, PS3, PS4, Switch

Our videos have already featured the heirs of the legendary Rock'n Roll Racing from Blizzard, such as Motor Rock and Heavy Metal Machines. In the same video we will take a look at the BlazeRush successor, which is perhaps the closest to the original.

BlazeRush was released in 2014 by our compatriots from Targem Games. This is an arcade survival race in the style of that very Rock'n Roll Racing. The game features several modes, the race in which wins the one who first crosses the finish line after 3 laps, the king of the hill, where the player who takes the first position and survives the longest wins.

Survival of all is perhaps the most dynamic mode, in which all participants are chased by a huge harvester, and the one who has managed to survive most of all the rounds wins.

The game features many tracks. During the race, random bonuses drop out on the tracks that each racer can pick up, these can be various boosts that accelerate the car, such as nitro or rocket boosters, and weapons such as machine guns, homing missiles, or even a huge circular saw.

There is no pumping or customization in the game, and this is very pleasing, we just choose a racer with a car that differs in armor, acceleration and controllability, and immediately into battle. And weapons and so on will be in abundance already on the track in the race, the main thing is to raise it in time. The graphics and sound design in BlazeRush are great. It is clear that this is not an AAA project and the grafon will not cause a visual orgasm, but nevertheless it looks very beautiful.

You can smash opponents on the tracks both in the campaign mode, which has about 60 tasks, and in multiplayer. You can play four on one PC, or online for up to 8 players. I definitely recommend it to all fans of micromachines and fans of Rock'n Roll Racing. The game is available on Steam as well as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Blazing Chrome


PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Perhaps it will not be an exaggeration to say that one of the most famous and coolest games for dandy is Contra, well, the most dynamic and hardcore of the Contra Hard Corps series, which was released on Sega Mega Drive in 1994. Since then, I have not seen any excellent games in this franchise, and Contra: Rogue Corps, which I talked about in the first video for the re-releases, is, as for me, a separate mockery of the fans of the series.

However, for those who still love and appreciate the original games in the franchise, especially the Hard Corps, there is a great game called Blazing Chrome. In the network, they have already christened her Conta of a healthy person, and for good reason.

Blazing Chrome was inspired by the Contra Hard Corps, and you can see it at the very beginning of the game. However, this is not quite a carbon copy, the ideological heir has his aces up his sleeve. This is a great Run and Gun in pixel art style, ala 16 bit. Its pace and hardcoreness is in no way inferior to its mastermind.

We have at our disposal a couple of fighters slightly different from each other. The enemies will be smashed in beautiful, detailed locations. As in Contra, weapons here fall out of modifiers, but in addition to cannons, the modifier can also throw drones, both defensive ones, for example, those surrounding the hero with a shield that can withstand several hits, and drones with a cannon that help in battle.

Sometimes the game will dilute the gameplay by giving us control of the mech. With which you can go ahead for a while without dodging enemy shells.

The gameplay is pleasant and addictive, in each level a bossfight naturally awaits, sometimes more than one. I recommend to everyone who is bored with sensible games in this genre. The link to the steam version will be in the description.

Contra: Anniversary collection


PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

For those who want to play the original Contra, there is a re-release of all the games in the series for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch platforms called Contra anniversary collection.

This is a collection of original games from the publisher, in the form in which they were on arcade machines and consoles of that time. The collection includes Contra from arcade machines, Contra released on the NES, Super Contra, Contra III: The Alien Wars, Operation C, Contra Hard Corps, Super Probotector Alien Rebels and Probotector, which is essentially a reskin of Contra Hard Corps.

All games in the set are played as they should, so it's a great way to remember your childhood.

The Messenger



We looked at modern remakes of the legendary Ninja Gaiden series in the last video, here we will look at the spiritual heir of the good old Ninja Gaiden from the NES console, which is a 2D platformer made in the good old pixel art style.

The Messenger tells us the story of a messenger who has to deliver a very important scroll. Naturally, a lot of traps, enemies and other obstacles await us on the way.

Our protagonist is still a ninja, and in addition to the sword he knows how to acrobat well.

The start seems a bit trivial: a demon attacks the shinobi village, destroying almost all of its inhabitants, and the main character has to become a Messenger and take a mysterious scroll in order to deliver it to the right place and save his clan. The gameplay does not bode well. We take control of a young ninja capable of jumping and swinging a sword. Run - chop, nothing interesting.

At first it may seem like Messenger is a modern 8-bit platform, but it's not that simple. After winding several hours of the game, we will see a 16-bit platformer in front of us, and even later we will have a dynamic switching between the epochs of 16 and 8 bits.

The original mechanics are superbly woven into the narrative - the messenger is instructed to remove the curse from the world, and he can achieve his goal only with the help of the acquired skill. The starting village, which in the 8-bit version has not yet been destroyed, turns into ruins in the 16-bit version, and it becomes impossible to find your mentor and his students there. But if you go back several centuries, you will be able to communicate with the master.

With us travels a demon scribe, who saturates the game with his humor, poking fun at the player every time he plays.

The Messenger will delight all fans of the original Ninja Gaiden with gameplay, excellent visuals and soundtrack. I definitely recommend it, the link will be in the description.



PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360

Spelunky is a remake of the NES-released platformer Spelunker in which, as an explorer, we pursued the goal of reaching the treasure deep in the cave. It was a pretty standard platformer for those years, jump on enemies, collect items, and so on.

In 2009, a remake of Spelunker HD was released for the PlayStation, which went completely unnoticed by many and did not find success.

In the same 2009, the Spelunky inspired by the original came out. In fact, this is the same Spelunker, but brought to mind. Instead of one single dungeon map, there are randomly generated levels, so you can go through it endlessly. And all the dungeons are different and so you won't get tired of the monotony. Spelunky is quite difficult, I would even say a hardcore game.

We also have to look for treasures, fight enemies, blow up the dungeon to get to the valuables and save the girls. And at the same time, one must try not to die, there are no preserves here, death, this is death. And after that, the game starts over, with a new dungeon. And here there are thousands of ways to kill a player. Literally everything in this game is trying to kill you. A huge assortment of local enemies and traps won't let me lie.

Over the years of improvements by both developers and fans of the game, the project has been polished to perfection. later in 2013 an HD version was released.

Here you will find fascinating dungeon worlds, great graphics, pleasant sound design, and a real challenge. I highly recommend it.

Spelunky 2


PC, PS4, Switch

In 2020, the sequel Spelunky 2 was released, which raises the bar in every aspect of the original game. This is the same roguelike that does not forgive your mistakes.

In the story, a new character goes to the lunar catacombs to find his missing relatives. The levels are also generated randomly after each death of the character. The further we move into the depths, discovering new locations, the more diverse the environment becomes, introducing new traps and enemies.

In the second part, a lot more useful equipment appeared, which can be both found at the levels and bought for local currency from merchants. This could be a pickaxe, shield spiked boots, and more. There are over 70 useful items in the game.

Highly recommend to all bagel lovers. The link will be in the description.

Battletoads and Double Dragon REMAKE



Now is the time for good news.

Last year, Microsoft released a remake of the legendary Battletoads, the remake came out frankly controversial, and in my opinion it did not suit either the fans of the original or the new generation of gamers.

I made a separate review about it on the channel, and mentioned it in the second video for the re-releases.

In my childhood, I considered Battletoads and Double Dragon to be a masterpiece on the NES. Well, in my case, on the clone of the Chinese clone - SUBOR.

It is still my favorite game of the 8-bit era. Judge for yourself, beat 'em up where you need to destroy everyone you see is possible with a partner. Coolest for 8-bit graphics. Diverse levels with changing gameplay. And you can pick up weapons, and drive on bikes, and fly in a spaceship ... A remake of this game, I probably would like to see most of all. Like it if you are also looking forward to a remake of this masterpiece!

And to my surprise, I learned that our compatriot Dmitry is practically alone on his own sawing a remake, without any support.

I contacted Dmitry and offered to talk about its development on my channel. This project should definitely see the light of day!

So if this video is watched by game designers, developers, or just caring people who can help this project, I will leave links to the official website where you will find more detailed information and screenshots of the development process in the description. And also on the official VKontakte group.

At the moment, only the first level is ready, the punishment of which you are now seeing. Personally, I'm looking forward to when this remake is ready. As soon as the playable beta versions appear, I will definitely shoot a separate video and post it on the channel and on our website. So subscribe not to miss.

Fans of the series deserve a decent reincarnation after the 2020 mockery. If you can help, follow the link and become involved in the revitalization of the masterpiece!




In the last video, I talked about the coolest fan remake of the BattleCity game. In steam there is another project more similar to the original with an unassuming name TANKS.

It was also made by an enthusiast and a fan of the original game. This remake adheres to the canon in terms of graphics and cameras. The game is made in pixel art style and uses 2D graphics with a top view.

However, all objects and units are completely redrawn. Completely new sounds are also used.

In terms of mechanics, this is the same good old BattleCity with our beloved dandy. The project definitely deserves attention, so you are welcome to the description where I will leave a link.

Armada Tanks



In the comments to the previous videos, you also suggested the 2008 Armada Tanks game.

Although the game was clearly inspired by the original tanks, there is little in common with the original. This is an arcade game with the same principle to destroy all enemy tanks and defend the base. But it is made in a cartoon style, and differs in mechanics.

We play exclusively with the mouse and keyboard; you can control the tank turret separately from the hull.

The game is simpler and more arcade, I personally did not go, but the project has its own community.

You can download Armada Tanks from the developer's website.

AirMech Strike (heir to Herzog Zwei)


PC, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

For fans of the Segov strategy Herzog Zwei in '89, I can recommend checking out the games AirMech Strike and AirMech Wastelands.

AirMech Strike is a mix of top-down action, real-time strategy and mobs. Here we play as a transformer by fighting directly with him, and at the same time manage our base and units.

All battles take place with real players online. Most of the time we fight with the main unit.

The goal is to completely defeat the opponent. On the map there are neutral bases for the capture of which we are fighting. There are modes 1 by 1, 2 by 2 and 3 by 3. On the network, this project is called the successor of Herzog Zwei. Unfortunately, in my childhood I did not come across it. Well, AirMech Strike is not very good.

AirMech Wastelands


PC, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

The AirMech Wastelands game seemed much more interesting and dynamic to me.

This is a post-apocalyptic role-playing top-down action game. But there is already some kind of company and a cooperative mode for its passage.

In terms of gameplay, it is similar to AirMech Strike.

Mayhem Brawler


PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

In one of the past videos, I talked about the continuation of the legendary Beat 'em up series of Streets of Rage 4. This is the best sequel, I would even say that it is the best remake of the classic. A real gift for connoisseurs of the genre.

This year, for those who like to go and mutuz everyone who gets in the way, a great Beat 'em up was released, clearly inspired by the fourth part of Streets of Rage - Mayhem Brawler.

Despite the external similarity, this game is not a clone of the streets of fury, although it is made in a similar style of art. Conceptually, everything is the same, we kill everyone who meets, we eat food to restore health, and we can use weapons.

The difficulty of the game seemed to me higher than that of the same Streets of Rage 4. So get ready to die often, even on an average difficulty level.

One of the features of the game is the choice of action at the end of each level, each option is a separate level, and by making a choice we branch the plot. Because of this feature, the general plot, by the way, looks rather crumpled.

The levels in Mayhem Brawler are quite varied, there are also plenty of types of enemies.

In terms of Gameplay, everything is pretty good here, too, the combat system is somewhat different from the same Streets of Rage. The difficulty is higher, and an ordinary enemy can endure the entire health scale in 3-4 good hits.

Due to the need to constantly go into the unit, the speaker sags. So this story is not about colorful fast-paced combos, but rather a thoughtful fighting game, as in the old classic Beat 'em up games.

The graphics and soundtrack are beyond praise here. The designers really did their best. Mayhem Brawler is a pleasure to play, especially with two people. So I recommend it.

Streets of Rage Remake v5



And for fans of the original Streets of Rage, there is a Streets of Rage Remake v5 that was released this year. This project has been developed by fans for more than eight years, and despite the ban of SEGA on the development of this game, an updated version has recently been released. Streets of Rage Remake is essentially a remake of the original three parts of the franchise.

The levels as well as the sprites of all characters have been restored. All enemies from the series are scattered across the levels, and the AI ​​has also been significantly improved.

In the current version 5.2, 19 characters are represented. For some of them it was not possible to play even in the original games of the series. All characters are unique and fully developed.

At the beginning of the game, we are offered 4 routes, and in the process of passing we will be greeted by a choice fork, which significantly increases the replay value. This project is considered by many to be the best remake of the series, and I understand them. A colossal work has been done.

The soundtrack is also diluted with remixes of the original themes, classic versions are also available.

Fans of conjuring will be pleased with the presence of a game modifier in which you can create your own content.

I definitely recommend trying Streets of Rage Remake v5.

Be sure to write in the comments what other remakes and sequels of cult games from old consoles you know.




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